The ROBERT THOMAS Group (RTG) is a leading provider of lease audit services (also known as rent audits, CAM audits, escalation audits, or lease reviews) for tenants throughout the United States and Canada. We specialize in reviewing commercial real estate leases and conducting lease audits of rent, operating expenses, common area maintenance (CAM) expenses and real estate taxes to generate significant financial savings on behalf of tenants.

The ROBERT THOMAS Group can identify, recover, and prevent overcharges that could save your company thousands, or
millions of dollars!

During the past decade, we have reviewed thousands of commercial real estate leases representing tenants in more than 100 million square feet. Our clients are tenants in office buildings, medical office buildings, retail locations such as malls and large shopping centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other industrial spaces. They range in size from "Fortune 100" multinational corporations, to small privately-held firms.

Some of the benefits to companies that utilize RTG’s services include...

Realize immediate financial savings-
During the lease audit process, RTG identifies errors and overcharges made by landlords, so tenants can recoup significant amounts of money they may have already overpaid
Provide future financial savings-
Mistakes RTG finds during a lease audit can result in direct reductions in rental obligations that can carry forward to minimize the tenant's expenses for many years to come.  CAM and lease audits also help companies by signaling to their landlord that they are aware of the terms of their leases, thereby avoiding any attempt at overcharges in future years

Outsource lease audit services to experienced lease audit professionals- 
The negotiation of refunds or credits is managed by a bona fide team of CPAs, attorneys, and  lease audit experts.  RTG will represent the tenant's interests, while protecting their relationship with their landlords, and simultaneously maintaining their confidentiality

No conflicts of interest- 
Unlike full-service real estate firms or "Big X" accounting firms that are constantly accepting fees and commissions from Landlords, RTG is never paid by Landlords. We only represent tenants
Complement your staff-
RTG can help reduce the burden on a company's real estate team and accounting department.  We assist them by managing the lease audit recovery process, and by identifying potential for improvements in language in future leases

Flexible pricing to meet your needs...

RTG has a variety of pricing programs designed to meet any company’s needs. One can choose to engage us on an hourly, per diem, or project basis, or on a "success-fee" basis, where our fees are contingent upon our ability to produce "in-the-bank" savings.

The most popular choice for our clients is the contingent fee method where we minimize their risk by simply keeping a portion of the recoveries we make as our compensation.
No savings, no fee!

The links to the left provide more detailed information about our company, about lease audits, and about RTG's services. We look forward to exploring the possibilities of serving your lease audit needs in the near future!


Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit
Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit
Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit