The Lease Audit Process

RTG tailors every lease audit process to meet our clients’ specific needs. However, the following is an example of the "typical" process we might follow for a single location lease audit.

The Preliminary Lease Audit Review
RTG is provided access to the client’s lease documentation and correspondence with their landlord to perform a preliminary assessment.
RTG analyzes the lease and supporting data to verify the appropriateness of the charges. This is where many opportunities for recovery are first recognized.
RTG recommends a specific lease audit strategy to the client.

Field Audit and Research
RTG visits the premises, and the landlord’s or property manager’s offices if necessary.
Once onsite, RTG reviews and audits the landlord’s files by obtaining expense information and reviewing the detailed general ledger, financial statements, reports, invoices, rent rolls, and service contracts specific to the premises.
RTG compiles supplementary data regarding the field audit as necessary.

Communication, Negotiation, and Final Settlement with Landlord
RTG crafts the client’s position by preparing the necessary documentation to request corrections and refunds from the landlord for overcharges.
If appropriate, RTG advises the client’s staff of recommended procedural modifications to ensure continued recovery/compliance in the future.

Final Lease Audit Report
RTG prepares a final lease audit report in a format selected by the client.
This report can be circulated by the client internally as a tool to communicate the success of the audit process itself. It also serves to memorialize the findings to help assure landlord compliance in the future.

For more detailed information about lease audits, rent audits, CAM audits or to learn more about our lease audit process, click on the navigation links on the left. We look forward to exploring the possibilities of serving your lease audit needs in the near future!


Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit
Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit
Lease Audit, Rent Audit, CAM Audit

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